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Support Line : 0(232) 489 01 89
Support Line : 0(232) 489 01 89

Medical Mask ! Featuerd Sleep and Breathing
Sales of therapeutic and preventive devices for sleep apnea, chest diseases and respiratory problems and technical services are provided. View Products

About Daye Medikal;

As Daye Medikal company, we offer our sleep breathing devices, which are produced in accordance with the standards set by Turkey (TSE) and the European Union (CE), and pass all tests successfully, with approved quality, to our patients. During the device usage period of our patients, we meticulously follow the usage information of the device, reporting tracking, usage rate, mask renewal time and maintenance time of all devices. Even if patients forget for some reason, we make necessary reminders through our relevant personnel and prevent disruptions.

Our team, which has received special training for the devices used in the treatment of all respiratory tract problems, works with maximum care in all sales and after-sales services. With years of experience, it is among our primary goals to provide the best service by finding solutions to all kinds of questions and problems of our patients as soon as possible.

The sleep respirators and masks we sell are very rich in variety. All of them are available in the Products section of our website. We identify patient demands and expectations and meet them at the highest level.

At the same time, we provide technical service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all the products in our portfolio that we are selling. We repair defective devices and, if necessary, offer our patients options such as device rental or spare device supply. With our customer service service, we answer all the questions of our patients with great devotion at any time of the day. Our first priority is always customer satisfaction. Another value is trust. Our company, which has been serving in the health sector for many years, aims to gain the trust of our patients and to achieve this. Our wide and satisfied patient portfolio indicates that we have achieved our goal. Thanks to new generation devices and comfortable accessories, we treat our patients' sleep apnea problem in a quality way. In order to always provide the healthiest service for our patients, we closely follow the developing and renewing technology all over the world.


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