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Support Line : 0(232) 489 01 89
Support Line : 0(232) 489 01 89

Solution Suggestions for Device Problems

There are suggestions for simple solutions that should be tried in the first place for some problems you may encounter with your devices. If the result does not change even after these simple solutions suggested, there is a high probability of a malfunction in your device and in such cases, we recommend that you bring the device to our technical service.

Although my oxygen concentrator device is working, there is no oxygen air output. What can I do?

This problem will disappear when the water container in the front of the oxygen concentrator device is opened and closed again without skipping a tooth. If the problem still persists when this method is tried, the filter at the inner end of the water container is clogged and your device's technical service maintenance period has come. When you contact us and have it serviced, the problem will go away.

When I wear the device, I hear a lot of noise from my mask, what should I do?

After the mask is placed on the face, it should be tightened well from the bandage part. When the mask application method is correct, air leaks that may occur are prevented.

How to remove limescale from the humidifier unit of the device?

If the water filled to the heater and humidifier units used with the devices is water from carboys or boiled and cooled water, the calcification time will be much later. The resulting lime; It can be cleaned with natural lime removers such as vinegar or lemon salt.

My sleep apnea device is not airing as before, what can be done?

Periodic maintenance period of the device has come. Since the air filters in the device are full/clogged, they may not give enough air. This problem will disappear when you contact our technical service and have your maintenance done.

When using the device, water comes into the hose and my mask, how can I fix it?

Unless there is a malfunction in the device, it may be caused by the high temperature setting of the humidifier unit.

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